About me

I am a production manager, model, moderator, I am flexible person

I use to study in Hradec Králové and because Prague is really close to my hometown, I let my hair grew up and I can say, even it sounds funny, it is the reason why I am who I am.

I used to be short-hair booster, who with new curls got fresh perspective.

That perspective were new opportunities which opened doors for options be a model, representative in national and international beauty pageants and either this led me to met people who believed in my potentional.

I am able to provide you people, ensure you a location or get you chairs that you will have a seat at your event. I can be the face of your campaign and also I will introduce this campaign as your moderator. On top of with smile from ear to ear.

I am getting a question from people: „…and when will you have a normal job?“, meanwhile I am answering: „What is that „normal“ job?.
For me is normal every job I am doing. This is the reason why you are visiting this website. That is why I have this website…

Height: 186cm/6‘1
Weight: 81kg/180lbs
Measures: 105-88-105/42-34,5-42
Neck: 42/16,5
Suit: 50
Size: M/L
Shoes: US11/EUR45

Lets work together…